Press Statement: Ondo State Youth Network Demands Deputy Governor Under 45 Years

The Ondo State Youth Network (OSYN) is deeply concerned about the lack of youth representation in governance, particularly in the forthcoming gubernatorial election slated for November 2024. As an organization committed to uniting Ondo State youths, advocating for the oppressed, and contributing to social and economic development, we feel compelled to address this issue.

In a recent address to the media, ASF 1 (Comr.) Afe Ezekiel, the coordinator of OSYN, emphasized the need for political parties to prioritize youth inclusion in their tickets for the upcoming election. He stressed the importance of having a deputy governor who is under 45 years old, citing the historical neglect of youths by previous administrations.

“We have noticed that the youths are only given the office of Special Assistant or Personal Assistant,” remarked Comr. Afe Ezekiel. “This has to stop. We, the youth of Ondo State, demand from the All Progressives Congress (APC) & Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) a deputy governor who is less than 45 years old. We want young individuals as cabinet members in the next administration.”

Comr. Afe Ezekiel highlighted the precedent set by some Southwest states, where youth commissioners have been appointed, demonstrating a commitment to youth-government cohesion. He expressed concern that Ondo State is lagging behind in this regard, leading to a lack of collaboration between the youth and the government.

“Ondo State must follow the example set by other states in the region,” urged Comr. Afe Ezekiel. “We need to bridge the gap between the youth and the government to ensure effective governance and development.”

OSYN firmly believes that there are numerous capable and competent young individuals within the organization who are ready to take on leadership roles. The organization pledges its support to parties that demonstrate a commitment to youth-friendly policies and actions.

Supporting the coordinator, Christopher Olusa, a reputable youth advocate and the public relations officer of the Network stated, “As an organization, we are committed to advocating for youth inclusion and empowerment in governance, and Our demand for a deputy governor under 45 years old is essential for the progress and development of our beloved Sunshine State.”

In conclusion, OSYN remains steadfast in its call for political parties to prioritize youth representation in the forthcoming election. The organization will continue to engage with stakeholders and advocate for policies that promote youth inclusion and empowerment in governance.

Olusa Christopher
Ondo State Youth Network (OSYN)

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