INTERNATIONAL Students Day 2022

While we share in the plight of the Nigerian student; the pains and the gains, we remain resolute in our firm demand for absolute attention and proper funding for the entire Educational sector.

The last 1 year, has been challenging, one which calls for a different approach to addressing challenges, the academic staff union, popularly know as ASUU by now, should have found a more effective means of addressing the biennial “demands and re-demands” from the government rather than the abrupt halt of academic activities in our institutions of learning which obviously has a negative effect on our students and the populace.

Our Youths and students have continued to excel in various fields across the globe, of which these successes cannot be ascribed to the efforts of our instructors here in the country alone, for reasons obvious to all.

The secondary and primary schools are not left behind in their continuous efforts to beat the tide and do great for themselves.

As we join the entire Student community to celebrate this years Students day, we believe that the gains recorded so far be sustained and the lessons taken to proper use.

God bless Nigerian Students!
Happy Celebration!


Dipo Daniels
General Secretary, OSYN

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