“23 Ondo Youths urged to vote leaders with records of Success!


ONDO STATE Youth Network (OSYN)

We go to the polls again in high hopes and so much enthusiasm to choose a new president and lawmakers to lead our dear nation, Nigeria, for the next four years.

As youths that have been categorised as the pivot and the most important factor in this election, expectations of us cannot be over emphasised.

It is in this spirit that the Ondo State Youth Network, OSYN, led by formidable men and women of tested ability and character urge all who have taken the pains to get their Permanent Voter Cards, PVC, to make great use of this opportunity and be part of the process of electing great men with competence and a record of success stories.

The leadership of OSYN hereby urge all residents of Ondo state to come out en masse, following all established protocols and cast their ballots for the candidate(s) they believe in, bearing in mind that their decision, which is their right, is important in our drive for a better Nigeria.

We call on all youths to remain law abiding and adhere to all rules of the process, as we have always done, and hope that the best man emerges.

God bless Ondo State!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


‘Dipo Daniels
General Secretary (OSYN)


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