Successful Inauguration of Ondo State Youth Network Promises Bright Future

Notable Dignitaries Attend Ceremony Highlighting Youth Empowerment

Dr. Akinola emphasized that the success of the OSYN heavily depended on the actions of its leaders and their commitment to serving the network’s interests.He also encouraged network members to actively engage by providing constructive criticism, suggesting alternative approaches, offering timely assistance, standing for what is right, and providing support where necessary. The transition from competition to collaboration was deemed imperative for OSYN to fulfill its role as a platform for nurturing future leaders.The climax of the event was the inauguration of the new executive members:

  1. Adegboyega Ezekiel Afe – Coordinator.
  2. Babatunde Adewole Kuye – General Secretary.
  3. Olusa Christopher – Public Relations Officer (PRO).
  4. Akingiresoye Leah – Director of Special Duties.
  5. Popoola Morayo Samson – Financial Secretary.
  6. Segun Fredrick Olowoparija – Deputy Coordinator (South).
  7. Adesuyi Alex Mayowa – Deputy Coordinator (Central).
  8. Daodu Oluwasegun John – Deputy Coordinator (North).

The newly appointed Coordinator, Adegboyega Ezekiel Afe, delivered an inaugural speech, expressing his dedication to fulfilling campaign promises and driving the network’s growth. He extended gratitude to supporters and acknowledged the valuable guidance of leaders present.The event concluded on a high note, with guests and network supporters making generous donations towards securing a new office space for OSYN. This gesture highlighted the enthusiastic backing of members and well-wishers alike.

In summary, the Ondo State Youth Network Inauguration Ceremony on September 19th, 2023, showcased unity and determination among the youth of Ondo State, with a shared vision for a brighter future. The event left attendees feeling inspired and confident about the journey ahead, as OSYN continues to empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

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