OSYN Attains Official Youth Organization Status with Ministry Certification

In a significant milestone, the Ondo State Youth Network (OSYN) has achieved official recognition as a registered youth organization. The organization received its certificate of registration from the Ondo State Ministry of Youth and Sports, marking a pivotal moment in its journey.

This accomplishment was made possible through the efforts and support of the Honorable Commissioner of Youth and Sports, Hon. Bamidele Ologun. During a recent visit by the OSYN executive to the ministry, discussions and collaborations unfolded, resulting in the official certification.

The certificate of registration signifies a formal acknowledgment of OSYN’s role as a youth-focused entity, highlighting its commitment to youth development, engagement, and empowerment within the state. This recognition opens new avenues for OSYN to expand its initiatives and impact on the youth community.

The executive team expressed sincere appreciation to Hon. Bamidele Ologun for his instrumental role in facilitating this achievement. The collaboration between OSYN and the Ministry of Youth and Sports reinforces the importance of fostering partnerships to enhance youth-focused initiatives.

As OSYN continues its dedication to empowering and uniting Ondo State youth, this official certification serves as a testament to its credibility and commitment to making a positive impact. The organization looks forward to leveraging this recognition to further advance its mission and contribute meaningfully to the development of youth in the region.

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