OSYN Stands Against Military Attack on Protesting Students

The leadership of the Network hereby write to condem in totality the brazen and unprovoked attack on protesting Nigerian students today in Akure.

We received at the secretariat shocking reports that men of the Nigerian military led by a yet to be identified arm (pistol) bearing man who appeared to be the Head of the team shooting sporadically into the air and protesters alike further, information revealed there was no engagement with the protesters at any point to say they were provoked or not, causing protesting students to run to safety and many sustaining various degrees of injury in the process.

The Leadership of Ondo State Youth Network, hereby condemn this shameless attack meted on Nigerian Students in broad daylight and we call on the leadership of the Nigerian army and the entire security apparatus in Ondo state to bring the perpetrators of this evil act to book.

In the interim we demand appropriate sanctions on all military men involved in this attack with immediate effect.

We dare say that should this action not be addressed immediately, the entire network will take drastic counter measures to make our minds known.

We hereby urge the entire Youths and students in the state to remain calm and go about their lawful duties without fear.


‘Dipo Daniels

General Secretary, (OSYN)


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