OSYN urges Youths to be Intentional in decision-making

DEMOCRACY Day Celebration 2022:
A time to be Intentional.

It is not our diversity which divides us; it is not our ethnicity or religion or culture that divides us, since we have all achieved our freedom, there can only be one division amongst us: between those who cherish Democracy and those who do not. (Nelson Mandela).

As we commemorate today, the day real Democracy was reborn, we recall the events of recent days in our dear Nation, the dreadful attack on worshippers at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Owo, where over 40 people including women and children lost thier lives and lots more people still at the hospital recovering.
This is the lowest our Nation has sunk to in its history.

As we remain hopeful that justice be served to these marauders and peace be brought to the souls of the faithful departed, we urge the leadership of the state to give all in its power to forestall such attack from recurrence.

The just concluded presidential primaries of our various political parties have signalled the beginning of a transition process in the political space, while we congratulate the candidates of the various political parties who have emerged through democratic processes, we in OSYN also stand in solidarity with our Youths across board who stood for elections at the primaries in our State, despite not clinching their party tickets, thier resolve to speak and represent the Youths will forever be our pride even as we wish them well in future attempts.

We urge our dear Youths to look deeply into the various agendas of these political leaders as presented and scrutinise carefully before making decisions on either of them as the 2023 elections will be a defining moment for our Nation as the Youths have been designated as the rallying point.

The leadership of the Network will continue to encourage all her members and the Youths in general to take advantage of the on going continuous voters registration to get thier permanent Voters card (PVC) so as to be eligible to participate in the elections.

OSYN believes the role of the Youths in the sustenance of Democracy of our great Nation cannot be over emphasised, however, we urge our Youths to be strategic and very intentional in their decision-making that our dear Country Nigeria will ultimately be proud of.

The our heroes, mentors and leaders who paid the supreme price for today’s Democracy we remember you and we pray for your families as we continue continue build on your legacies.

It is this solemn note, one supported by the decision of the Ondo state government not to celebrate this years Democracy Day with fanfare as our flags remain at half cast, we wish our great Nation Nigeria, Peace, Progress and Greatness as we mark today’s DEMOCRACY Day.

God bless Ondo State Youths!
God bless Nigeria!!



Otunba Adesida Thompson

‘Dipo Daniels

General Secretary, (OSYN)


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