Ondo State Youth Network Condemns Fraudulent Actions of Pedro Obi, NANS Impostor

Ondo State Youth Network (OSYN) vehemently condemns the fraudulent impostor, Pedro Obi, who, since his devastating loss at the last NANS convention, has resorted to desperate measures to disrupt the organization’s structure he so desperately seeks to lead. His recent malicious attacks on the Honourable Minister of State for Youth Development, Ayodele Wisdom Olawande, are not only unwarranted but also deeply unfortunate

It is evident that Pedro Obi’s allegations against the Honourable Minister of State for Youth Development lack substance and credibility. The Ministry, under the leadership of Mr. Olawande, has shown unwavering commitment and dedication to engaging and empowering Nigerian youth. Through various programs and initiatives such as NIYA, the Ministry has actively worked to address the needs and concerns of young people across the country, fostering their participation in national development efforts.

Furthermore, we commend the Honourable Minister for his efforts in addressing the leadership crisis within NANS. His commitment to dialogue and reconciliation demonstrates his genuine concern for the welfare of Nigerian students and the overall stability of the organization. We remain confident that under his leadership, the issue of leadership within NANS will be resolved amicably and in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Mr. Ayodele Wisdom Olawande serves as an inspiration to young Nigerians, embodying integrity, diligence, and a steadfast dedication to service. Any attempt to undermine or threaten his office will be met with staunch resistance from the Ondo State Youth Network and other well-meaning youth organizations across the country. We stand firmly in support of Mr. Olawande and his exemplary leadership.

It is imperative that Pedro Obi seeks relevance elsewhere and refrains from meddling in the affairs of duly elected and appointed officials of NANS and the Ministry of Youth. The legitimate leaders of these organizations have the full support of not only Nigerian students but also the good people of Ondo State and Nigeria at large. OSYN will not tolerate any further attempts by Pedro Obi to sow discord and destabilize the youth development landscape in our country.

In light of these developments, the Coordinator of OSYN, Comrade (ASF) Afe Ezekiel calls on Pedro Obi to immediately cease his disruptive actions, retract his unfounded statements, and issue a public apology to the Honourable Minister of State for Youth Development. It is imperative that Mr. Obi desists from further inciting division and instead focuses on constructive engagement and collaboration for the betterment of Nigerian youth.

We urge all stakeholders to remain vigilant and united in defending the integrity of our youth development institutions and upholding the principles of accountability and transparency.


Olusa Christopher
Public Relations Officer
Ondo State Youth Network (OSYN)

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